Getting Started Right

So, as promised, I have started Beachbody’s “The Master’s Hammer and Chisel” Program.


If you are not familiar with the program; it’s a series of DVDs that you can do from home that focuses on strength/weight training with some cardio/plyo in the mix. They range from 10 minutes in length to about 40 minutes. There are two trainers; Autumn Calabrese (from 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme), and Sagi (from Body Beast). Included with the workouts is a clean eating meal plan that focuses on lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits, while limiting (not excluding, mind you!) carbs, as well as your choice of flavor/flavors of Shakeology-the healthiest meal of the day (and it’s so darn good!!).


If you have done 21 day fix, than you are already familiar with the eating plan and the use of the containers that go along with them. Once you get past the idea of color coding your food into containers, it’s not terribly difficult to follow-it just takes a bit of time to meal plan and think about what you do to prepare. This is a good thing-just because you put more thought into what you actually eat and put into your body, instead of mindless snacking and junk (IMHO-in my humble opinion).  With my particular plan, I am allowed 4 Red containers (or 3/4c each lean proteins), 3 Greens (or 1c each servings of vegetables), 2 Purples (1 cup each servings of fruits), 2 Yellows (1/2c each carbs), 1 Blue (or 1/4 each of cheese or “healthy” fats such as nuts, avocados, or hummus), 1 Orange (1T of nuts/seeds or salad dressing), and 2 tsps. (oils such as coconut or nut butters). While this does not sound like a lot-it really is and translates to eating between 1200-1400 calories a day. Obviously, every body has different needs and this particular one suits my needs and activity level. If you are more active, you would get more containers and so on and so forth.

Meal prep was pretty easy-since I’m familiar with 21DF. There are also a TON of great recipes out there on Pinterest-which I adore. Most of my FAVORITE recipes have come from the FABULOUS Fit Mom Angela D . If you ever need any recipe ideas-she is THE go to person! Anywho-my breakfasts typically are Shakeology  and lunch this week are Egg Roll In a Bowl. I use Sundays as my day to prep, chop, meal plan, cook-whatever-and this makes it MUCH easier to grab and go, which is what I need with our lifestyle. My dinners are ones that I try to make keeping EVERYONE in mind. Mighty B and Erich both are pretty picky with foods. Little Man most of the time will at least try what is given to him and does pretty well for the most part. I try to keep more of an 80/20 rule in mind. 80% of the time I prepare for my plan, and 20% of the time I make meals that they will typically eat. On those nights, I’ll either modify it to fit my needs, or make something small (salad, Shakeology, etc) for myself.

I am a HUGE fan of Autumn Calabrese and have done several rounds of 21 Day Fix with a lot of success. Since September 2015, I have lost 20lbs while on it! But, as much as I loved 21DF-I felt that I needed to step it up a bit and noticed that I needed a change. I never thought I would love lifting weights as much as I do now until I did 21DF. I enjoyed seeing muscles pop up and that feeling of accomplishment going one more rep or lifting a few pounds more. It was just…exhilarating. I also didn’t want to lose much more weight, but was looking to firm and tone up a bit. After doing some comparison-Hammer and Chisel seemed like the right choice for me.

Here are my “BEFORE” pictures taken on Monday. Some of you have already seen them on my Facebook page-but Little Man is here with me.


Collage 2016-04-18 20_03_04 (1)

That was the day I kicked off Chisel Balance with Autumn leading the moves. It was a great work out and I did break a sweat-for sure! This was 40 minutes of weights and balance exercises at a pace I could keep up with. I could feel it in my legs and stomach as I was holding my core/stomach for balance. My legs shook for a good 10 minutes after I was done, but, in a good way. 😉


 And…then….today. Hammer Plyo.


The “OMG…Sagi kicked my BOOTY” face.


Hoooolllyyyyyy COW! INTENSE! Jumping, more jumping, and…did I forget to mention that there was a lot of JUMPING involved? It was only 25mins long, but I felt EVERY minute! It took a bit to recover, but I felt so accomplished afterwards!

So far-I’m loving what Im doing. Stay tuned for more information as I progress through my challenge.

Liking what you see? Feel free to drop a comment below! Or, if you are interested in joining in on this challenge group, or future ones-feel free to check me out on Beachbody‘s website for more ways to work out from home and ditch the gym!





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